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Software design, development & testing


Imperium provides key digital services and is focused on helping our clients to build a successful business on web and mobile..

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Imperium (Pvt) Ltd is a software design, development, technology and services company. We strive to provide meaningful and affordable solutions to our customers' often complex requirements. Our practical thinking supported by wide experience helps us to do just that! We are 100% committed to providing 100% quality in all that we do. Imperium always delivers its products and solutions on time, every time. This is a result of the close coordination and teamwork of our staff. We owe it to our project management philosophy and mantra too! Doing things on time is important to you our customer as well. Why?.......'cos you have your own plans and you got a business to run too! You will find us easy to talk to......our keen understanding of your business requirements is critical in designing and developing the ultimate solution....for your success and ours! .


If you can design one thing you can design everything.
Just Believe It.


Imperium provides software and technology based solutions for our customers. As an evolving software, technology and services company, we research the evolving and emerging technologies and markets to develop and deploy solutions that will give our customers an edge over their competition, both locally and globally. When it comes to new solutions, we are always with an open mind, positive attitude, eyes to the horizon and ears to the ground, making it happen for our customers!


Mobile Development

Our skills are centered around design and development of highly secure, practical, innovative iOS and Android apps with the required backend infrastructure for the financial services industry. This experience positions us on a great footing to design and develop apps for any other industry such as tourism, leasing, stock brokering and securities, shipping, retail, entertainment, insurance etc. The team is competent on integrating efficient locations based services to the... More


Scanning & indexing services

Our experienced services team will provide scanning and indexing services to scan, index and archive your documents and files in your office so that they can be stored off site while your staff works on the electronic copy. It will release valuable and expensive office space for your core operations. We can do perform the scanning services either at your premises or ours. Combined with our own..More


Independent Software Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Team provides independent/external QA services for mobile apps as well as other web or desktop software. Independent quality testing services are important in order to obtain an absolutely independent version of the truth! It is vital to find malfunctions in software before the end user does. More defects or bugs can be uncovered from an external audit which will lead to...More


Custom software development

We will also develop your solution according to your design, delivered to you after comprehensive testing and quality assurance by our team. Our expertise - in addition to iOS and Android - lies .Net frame, SQL and PHP. For any industry. We can design and develop your highly responsive web site too. We are open and flexible to discuss your specific need or requirement in the technology or software... More